Dennis fosters his passion of interconnections between body, mind and soul by helping you reach your holistic health goals. Not just a session with a certified personal trainer or a nutrition counselor, your personalized program is unique because Dennis accounts for your mental, physical, and environmental factors that influence your lifestyle choices. Using an integrated method in every session, Dennis designs and coaches using the best physical fitness program, healthy nutrition plans and kPNI therapies used by functional medicine practitioners. This multi-tier holistic approach customized for your health goals guarantees a stronger impact to help you achieve a sustainable and thriving lifestyle. Dennis believes that balance is the key to optimal health.

Physical Fitness by a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Under the guidance of Dennis, you will discover the prowess of a physical fitness expert that shares your passion to improving your overall well-being. With more than ten years of experience in the field of sports, fitness and health, Dennis will challenge you to define your goals and identify the obstacles that may stop you. Through an anamnesis, Dennis will interpret and comprise suitable fitness training methods for you to practice. You will improve strength, speed, endurance and flexibility with the appropriate techniques. Moreover, integrated fitness programs with Dennis will give you the proper tools to utilize outside of your in-person training. These sessions will reinforce your understanding and ability of functional movements that boost your physical performance.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of sustaining wellness. Weight loss, muscle toning and muscle building require healthy and adequate nutrition to build a thriving lifestyle. Dennis’ trademark method to crafting your individual nutrition guide is called My Human Appropriate Nutrition™ (myHan). In conjunction with your personal training Dennis will create your myHan guide with recipes to help you make smart choices for your diet. With your commitment, you will reinforce healthy eating habits that add balance and flexibility to your meal planning. Understanding the importance of eating well is essential in constructing a holistic lifestyle. Under Dennis’ counseling, you will be able to apply nutritional education and properly nourishing your body.