My Human Appropriate Nutrition™ (myHAN™)


How many times have you found yourself going on the next diet and then in a few months, weeks or even days later your diet goes to your “Quit Bucket List?” Perhaps you are feeling like a failure? Whether your goal is weight loss, to build muscle mass, stop ‘junk’ food cravings, improve your overall fitness level and health, prevent disease or treat a particular health concern, the key is always learning how to build habits that stick so behaviors become like second nature to you. 

There are tons of temporary programs and quick-fix diet routines out there but let’s be honest, when is the last time any of these worked in helping you achieve the results that you want? After years of practice and learning, Dennis Hoop has designed the My Human Appropriate Nutrition™ program, through which he seeks to educate and help people commit to live a wholesome and enjoyable life. The myHAN™ program is designed for people who want to implement long term healthy habits in their lifestyle, feeling energetic and successful in all areas of your life. 

myHAN™  Guidelines:

Dennis Hoop’s myHan™  program is not for people with short-term needs and want to hop on the next diet trend.

In order to make long term changes, you need to make a long term commitment- to the program and to yourself.  Therefore, there is a required minimum three-month commitment because new habits and behaviors need to be practiced over a significant period of time before you can adapt them into your new life. 

Dennis will begin with a 75-minute consultation where he will:

  • implement personal goal setting for your program
  • work with you to develop a food log
  • evaluate the background of your patterns, behaviors and causes
  • provide an environmental analysis, i.e. sleep, digestion, schedule, social and
  • personal life balance, physical energy, psychological and emotional state

Each week Dennis will work with you providing support to achieve your goals and make adjustments to your nutrition program as needed. Step by step you’ll see the smallest changes having a big impact. Dennis will incorporate weekly nutritional challenges that will inspire you as well as a self-evaluation to review your progress.

As your nutrition consultation continues there will be monthly follow up sessions with a program overview. You will re-evaluate with Dennis your goals and adapt for your current needs.

Upon conclusion of your initial three month myHan™  nutrition consult you will feel confident and empowered to enjoy your new and healthy life. 


Generate your desired results with an individualized plan from Dennis Hoop. Change your life today. Begin here.