Dennis Hoop’s mission is to educate, inspire and support his clients in achieving a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Dennis Hoop, CPT, Certified Personal Trainer, New York, NY, Astoria, Queens
Dennis Hoop, certified holistic health and fitness coach, New York, NY, Astoria

Dennis Hoop

Dennis Hoop is a New York city based certified holistic and fitness coach with a revolutionary integrated approach to health and wellness that includes personal training, nutrition counseling and kPNI therapies related to functional medicine. Dennis is a certified personal trainer (CPT) through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM). Dennis earned his Masters of Science in Sports, Exercise and Health at the University of Salzburg in Austria. He is also a certified personal CrossFit trainer focusing on strength and body conditioning. Dennis passion for discovering the interconnections between body, mind and soul was the force that led him to achieve a Diploma in Psychoneuroimmunology, a science that connects the psychological, nervous, endocrine (hormonal) and immune system from the Natura Foundation in Germany.

Dennis’s expertise educating clients in the use of alternative medicine has distinguished himself from others in his field in the New York city area. His multifaceted approach focuses on many elements that impact a person’s lifestyle. Dennis helps individuals develop proper fitness technique and he provides guidance on how to benefit from the right exercise. Starting as a physical fitness trainer for professional athletes in soccer and winter sports in Germany and New Zealand to training clients in Manhattan and Astoria, Dennis has been an integral part in their personal journey to improved health. The unwavering determination to improving overall wellness derives from his desire of understanding the physiological and psychological connections involved.

Dennis empowers individuals in their journey to enhancing their lifestyle through embracing health. His motivation in seeing you succeed comes from his innate passion of choosing a wholesome life. Since his childhood in Germany, Dennis has overcome health issues that caused him to re-evaluate his lifestyle decisions. His personal experiences with gut dysbiosis, chronic inflammation and stomach pain fueled his passion to maintain the body and approach health in a new holistic way- analyzing and incorporating all aspects of the human environment that influence people’s well-being. Dennis immersed himself in exercise, understanding one’s physiology and learning how to make healthy nutrition choices.

Dennis’ personal background, international credentials, over a decade of experience and his genuine care shown with his clients have made him a sought after health and fitness coach serving all of Manhattan and Astoria, Queens. Dennis is committed to guiding his client’s success in attaining a wholesome lifestyle that allows them to flourish in other areas like work, home, and family.

Dennis has been training both of us for approximately 7 months and I personally have noticed a few key things throughout that time. I’ve got stronger in all areas, my mobility is increasing (which is a challenge in some areas such as hips), my knowledge of areas to focus on improving has increased dramatically and I’ve not been injured as much as I used to be. I don’ think this is a coincidence.

Dennis as a coach is awesome to work with. He is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable about all areas of CrossFit training, he is pedantic (in a good way as he never accepts shabby form) and does it all with good humour and heaps of encouragement. He knows when to push you, when to offer you a helping hand and has a great brain for understanding each athlete’s individual requirements.
— Adam and Ange Napper

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