David Flemming, Carpenter, Cyclist & Crossfit Fanatic: His Journey of Building Strength and Muscle Mass.

"I wanted to gain some mass so Dennis started me on a 3 month weight gain nutrition program with counting macros. I never counted macros before and thought it would be difficult but it was very easy to get the hang of after a couple of days. Dennis lay out all my meal plans for me from breakfast to lunch to dinner with a lot of details to food nutrition. 
We had monthly meet-ups to see how things were going for weigh-in and pictures to see the difference. Dennis always said to call him or text him if I ever had any questions about the nutrition plan. He also gave me a day-today log sheet for counting my macros so he could see my progress which was a very useful tool. 
I started off at 146lbs and now I weigh 156lbs, which I am extremely happy with. Dennis also gave me weightlifting exercises for gains which I also was extremely pleased with. 
Now that my 3 months is over I continue to use Dennis’s macro nutrition guide as now I have a whole new understanding of nutrition. 
For anyone looking to gain or lose weight I would highly recommend Dennis as a nutrition and strength gain coach. Dennis was always available to answer any questions I had and always encouraging me to hit my goals. He is extremely professional and great to work with. "

- David Flemming

Amanda Goris., from a Bad Ass Cop to a Beautiful Bride, Amanda has got it all, and surely earned it all through her impeccable dedication and commitment.

She spends her days saving lives and the rest of her time she is sweating and training hard @crossfit.glendale Amanda is a great example of how great efforts pay off great result. It has been a great pleasure working with her, supporting her and guiding her in her journey to weight loss and strength performance. Along with following a specialized nutrition protocol, Amanda has also implemented extra accessory work to her Crossfit workouts. And not only she looked stunning on one of the most important days of her life, her wedding, but she has started to live a completely new lifestyle, where she feels much more healthier, stronger and empowered. 

“Throughout my 12 week program with Dennis there were several things that the program was kind enough to enlighten upon me. First & foremost whilst the scale may be a useful tool for some it was not helpful in gauging my progress. Despite the number that would flash up at me in the mornings it did not reflect my hard work, however photographs of my body transforming over the weeks & measurements did indeed prove the scale to be very wrong. The second take away and advice I would give is the same advice Dennis gave me; "Be patient & trust the process!" If you leave the door to communication open with Dennis, put in the work & give 110% the results will show. Dennis helped gear my meals & workouts around my busy schedule which allowed for optimal progress & performance! Finally, have fun on the Journey. Complete your accessory workouts because they really do boost your already transforming body. I took all of this and never felt deprived nutritionally or physically. Balance is key, remember that!”

- Amanda Goris 

Scott B., the perfect example for: "What you can achieve within 3 months of hard work and full dedication"

Scott Before After

"Grateful to have gotten to this point. 26 lbs down in 15 weeks and feeling better than ever."

-Scott B.

The Super Mom to Super Athlete


" A Good Coach Improves Your Game, A Great Coach Improves Your Life."



The Role Model


"Hi, I am Scott and I started training with Dennis, through the Crossfit Solace reset program. At the time, I was just let go from my job, so I definitely needed a mental and physical pick me up. I wanted to be surrounded by more positive people and start taking care of my health. So aside from just entering into the Crossfit world, I wanted more individual attention to achieve my goals and that’s when I started working closely with Dr. Paul Grewal and Coach Dennis Hoop. I was a hockey athlete back in the days, so I definitely had that competitive and driven attitude deep down inside, so I needed some help to bring it back to the surface. My journey started at the end of July 2016, when I weighted about 210lbs. Now, in December, 2016 I am at 185lbs, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have significantly decreased and I feel more energized and healthy than ever before. What I am very grateful for working with Dennis is his patience, his great attention to detail and how caring he is. Throughout the time of working with Dennis, I have learned to be humble, to take the time in learning the proper movements, so my body feels good training and I can get the most out of my input. So, with Dennis’ help, several months later I was able to hit my first set goal for the year: improving my health, my body-both how I look and how I perform. My endurance has greatly improved, as well as my strength and physical awareness. But most of all, what I have benefited from training with Dennis is having a more positive drive and outlook, on myself and on life. This has helped me learn to better solve problems, interact with other people and have a more positive perception on myself. Dennis keeps me on track and is making sure I stay on top of my goals."

- Scotty Allyne

Health and Fitness Enthusiast

“Dennis and I, started working together about six months ago, when I realized I needed detailed, personal attention to better take care of my health. Ever since then I have lost inches, I am stronger and my pants & dresses feel much looser, where they actually look good, instead of being super tight, riding up.

Prior to meeting Dennis, I have always struggled with my weight but now being 40 years of age, I also know that it is going to start being harder to loose some extra pounds and get in shape. So, I decided that it is finally time for me, to invest in a great trainer, who will help me do strength training exercises, while I work towards reaching my desired health and fitness goals. And the best part about working out with Dennis is his dedication to me and my health, which is unique and exactly what I need in my personal trainer. Dennis makes me feel like I want to work hard and I feel like I can't let him down. So, that's how I stay motivated and keep going.

Another huge area that Dennis helped me tremendously with, is healing from my sciatica and plantar fasciitis. It felt horrible and felt like it will never go away. There were days that the pain was so strong that it definitely made it challenging, even when walking.  Now they are both gone and I feel so happy to be pain-free. I am grateful for Dennis' dedication and value his passion, just the way he values and believes in me...and you don't get that from a lot of people.”

— Adjani Vivas

Strength Merit

“Dennis has been a great Coach at helping me build my foundation in weight lifting and strength training. He has taught me the correct motor patterns with movements like squats, push press, cleans so that I feel comfortable under the bar, when I train on my own or in a Crossfit class. I feel more confident doing free weight training without injuring myself and my strength has increased tremendously, over the last five months we have been working together. 

I love my programing with Dennis, because it is consistent, it is specific to my needs and goals but also flexible that if I am really having a particular problem on a day, then Dennis would modify it according to what feels good. 

The best part about training with Dennis is that he really knows how to communicate with me and get me going. There are some days when I feel demotivated and he knows exactly how to get back into keep me going and not let me get lazy.”

— Leslie Bergson


Exceptional Coach

“Dennis worked with me for roughly four months, while I was learning all the barbell movements and doing metcon. He’s an exceptional coach employing toughness and motivation while encouraging as required. He quickly identifies weaknesses and suggests improvements and his knowledge encompasses both fitness and diet. ”

— Darragh O Riordan

Successful Goals

“Dennis has a very quiet but firm way of explaining how to achieve aspects of his training. He is very respectful of where people are coming from and has the ability to adapt his focus on the needs of his clients. It was easy to goal set and achieve these goals in a comparatively short period of time. Each milestone was celebrated and at no time did I feel there was anything but respect for even the smallest of goals set between us.”

— Francesca Storr




Instant Results

“Dennis has been training both of us for approximately 7 months and I personally have noticed a few key things throughout that time. I’ve got stronger in all areas, my mobility is increasing (which is a challenge in some areas such as hips), my knowledge of areas to focus on improving has increased dramatically and I’ve not been injured as much as I used to be. I don’ think this is a coincidence.

Dennis as a coach is awesome to work with. He is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable about all areas of CrossFit training, he is pedantic (in a good way as he never accepts shabby form) and does it all with good humor and heaps of encouragement. He knows when to push you, when to offer you a helping hand and has a great brain for understanding each athlete’s individual requirements. ”

— Adam and Ange Napper