MyHAN Steak ala Hoop


This is  my new favorite dish. An old classic and super easy to mak. Grass-fed Steak with plenty of vegetables and some potatoes. A super nutrient dense meal that will not only tickle your gums, but also make happy each single cell of your body.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it! Do you prefer your steak well -, medium- or rare done?


  • rass Fed Steak, 7 o
  • 1 Garlic glove
  • 1 onion
  • Carrots, 200gr
  • Potatoes, 200gr
  • Mushrooms, 100gr
  • Butter, Grass Fed, 1 Tsp


1. Prepare all vegetables: clean, peal and cut them in tiny pieces
2. Heat butter in a pen at maximum heat
3. Fry steak on both sides for 2.5-3 minutes each side
4. Put the steak in alufoil and a seperate form. Put it in the ofen at around 300-350 Farrenheid degree
for 20-40 minutes, depending how you like your steak the most
5. Put all vegetables in pen that you used for you steak and fry them in the fat that has left.
6. Put a cover on pen and reduce to medium/low heat. 
7. When it's done, it's done. You will figure it out. Just don't overcook your vegetables, or you lose all nutrients

Macro Nutrients per serving:

Calories 552, Protein 57, Carbohydrates 56, Fat 13

Enjoy this amazing dish. Please feel free to share with your friends/family.