During the process of fermentation, natural bacterials (different strains of lactobacilli) are digesting the carbohydrates of cabbage under anaerobic conditions and producing lactic acid (that’s where the sour, tingling taste comes from), which prevents from the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Yummy Gut™ provides beneficial results to your digestive system by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. Yummy Gut™ Sauerkraut is refreshingly robust and goes well with different types of animal protein, such as meat, fish, seafood and eggs.

Benefits of sauerkraut and other fermented foods include:

  • Positive bacteria and improving your gut symbiosis
  • Optimize the production of stomach acid
  • Support the production of acetylcholine, which stimulates bowel movement and reduces constipation
  • Beneficial bacteria induces an anti-microbial effect and protects you from pathogenic bacteria
  • Full of important vitamins and minerals with a long shell life

When Iva and Dennis met in New Zealand, they never knew their joint passion for a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle would ultimately unite their love. With Iva’s roots in Bulgaria and Dennis’ upbringing from Germany, they updated Iva’s grandmother’s Eastern European recipe today known as Yummy Gut™ Sauerkraut. Driven by their firm belief of “core” enrichment, Yummy Gut™ brings a fresh perspective on internal digestive healing.